More About Him

After many fans starting telling him how much he sounded and even looked so much like the real "King of Rock and Roll", Elvis Presley, he began a new life as an Elvis tribute artist.

Since then he has gained even more notoriety and popularity performing all over the State of Florida and more importantly locally in his home town of Spring Hill, Fl.

Comments About Him

"A velvet voice!"

R. King, St. Pete Times

"A moving tribute to the 'King of Rock and Roll'"

R. Sharky, Spring Hill VFW 10209

"Hip Shaking, Fist Pumping, Knee Quivering Americana"

M. Kruse, St. Pete Times

His Music Connections


Kenn E collaborates with the Plane Rock Band.

At select events Kenn E joins forces with the Plane Rock Band to offer a more diverse entertainment for his own Fan Club and admirers, but also to the delight of the bands followers as well. Their mixed styles blend so well that they are often called back for encore engagements.To view their site CLICK HERE


Kenn E joins their group to further spread his name.

Joining Coole Entertainment as a listed entertainer, Kenn E's name is available to those looking for 1 - 6 entertainers through this website. They also produce and package all of Kenn E's CD discs which are available for sale. For more details on purchasing any of his CD's CLICK HERE.